About us

Tsoy Yana Valerievna, founder and CEO

Japanese center SEIKO is the first and the biggest Japanese language school in Kazan. Here you can learn Japanese language from the very beginning. The curriculum in our school corresponds to a university curriculum (Japanese language, Oriental studies course). What the course in SEIKO is focused on? The curriculum is organized around the all-important aspects of the language, learning characters (it’s very important to both read-recognize characters and write them), grammar, vocabulary, reading texts (about culture, life and customs of Japan) and practicing speaking.
By the way, now we have native speakers on our school!
Moreover, we have calligraphy and applied arts courses. Calligraphy is a great way to feel the culture of Japan! Applied arts course is called ‘DIY Japan’ and there you can learn the technique of Japanese watercolor, silk painting, origami etc.
In addition, the atmosphere in SEIKO is very friendly and pleasant. People who don’t know each other become friends! Because all our students love Japan, Japanese language and culture, all of them have a will to overcome the difficulties of studying!
Come to our Japanese language school and feel it yourself!

Our teachers

Tsoy Yana Valerievna, founder and CEO

Subject: Japanese language and preparation for JLPT
Education: Sakhalin State University ‘08
Hobby: swimming, taking photos
Favorite food: pizza


Nasybullina Dinara Damirovna, deputy director

Education: KSU ‘18
Hobby: fitness
Favorite food: lazy cabbage rolls

Gordeeva Liliya Rustamovna

Subject: Japanese watercolor and applied arts
Education: KSTU ‘08
Hobby: archery, making jewelry
Favorite food: tempura shrimps and Greek salad

Mardanova Yuliya Dmitrievna

Subject: KAZANDA
Education: KSU
Hobby: combine tourism and rock concerts
Favorite food: onigiri with umeboshi


Samochkov Dmitry Alexandrovich

Subject: Japanese language
Education: KSU ‘19
Hobby: watching movies
Favorite food: rice with beef and raw egg

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